Austria - Jugend Eine Welt (J1W)

The purpose of J1W is to provide national and international youth aid and sustainable development cooperation.

Spain – Jovenes y Desarollo (JD)

Jóvenes y Desarrollo is a nonprofit NGO, which was founded in 1988 together with the Salesians of Don Bosco. Our aim is to promote human, social and economical sustainable development to overcome poverty.

Czech Republic – Salesiánská asociace Dona Boska (SADBA)

SADBA supports the development of children and teenagers pursuant to the ethic values of the Salesians of Don Bosco. With the help of volunteers, they support Don Bosco projects in Africa, Asia, Latin America and East Europe encouraging intercultural exchange.

South Africa – Salesian Planning and Development Office (SPDO)

The SPDO is located in Cape Town and is responsible for the coordination and development of Don Bosco projects in southern Africa.

Poland – Salezjanski Wolontariat Misyjny (SWM)

Salesian Missionary Voluntary Service - Youth for the World is based on people's passion. We exist since 1997 and from the very beginning we have been working for the benefit of the Global South societies. Not only do we deliver aid on four continents, but we also deal with Development Education in our own country. We want to teach, how to sensibly help to those in need.

Italy – Volunteers for International Development (VIS)

organization (NGO) running many activities in the field of international cooperation and development and global learning. The projects aim at improving the basic development factors: The right of education, support of human rights, equal chances of genders and fighting poverty and social injustice.

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