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”Champions for South Africa“ is an adventure game designed to acquaint your students with the topic "One world” and the worldwide challenges of development, justice and peace during your lesson plan. Join us in the journey to South Africa and experience how people in the townships master their everyday life - outside the glamorous stadiums and soccer excitement. What are the dreams of children and teenagers in South Africa? Which options do they have to cope with their hard and partially dangerous everyday life? Are there ways out of poverty in the townships? Which chances for education and professional training is there for street children?

How to make the future for all people livable?

The playful approach through the computer adventure enables your students to savor a foreign world, to review their value system and to experience the feeling of being a world citizen. Teaching materials are enclosed to embed the results demonstrated in the game into reality and to accompany this learning process. The materials were written by two experienced teachers in the area digital media and global learning, Margret Datz and Martin Geisz. These materials provide approaches to work on the key topics mentioned in the game by creating a connection to the world and life of European children and teenagers: How do we deal with poverty at home? Do educational chances depend on the social position? How does coexistence have to be configured to make the future for all people livable?
The teaching materials for both age groups 8 - 12 years and 13 - 18 years can be downloaded here. Or get registered online for the project and you will automatically receive the game and material by mail.

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Here you will find the adventure stories and teaching material.

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