European Exchange

Exchange via the European Internet Platform eTwinning

eTwinning provides you with the opportunity to contact other multiplicators and young people form six different European countries and from South Africa. Students can exchange their experience with European peers through the internet platform eTwinning. The eTwinning platform is also the best way to start European school partnerships in an easy and unburocratic manner. Because Europe does not only take place in the head but also in the network. By this means, the commitment to contribute to a just world can also become a European issue. eTwinning is sponsored by the European Union as part of Comenius with the program for lifelong learning.

Exchange with 30 European Countries is possible

Teachers of all subjects, school forms and age groups can register and participate with their class for free. If you already have a partner school, you can cooperate during school on the eTwinning platform on a regular basis. Since ”Champions for South Africa” already exists in six different European languages, you make look for a partner all over Europe who understands one of these languages.
A total of 30 European countries participate with eTwinning (all EU member countries plus Norway, Iceland and Turkey). South African schools can be invited in addition to any already existing European partnership.


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