Encounter South Africa

South Africa is the first country to host of a soccer world cup in Africa in all times. After the downfall of Apartheid in 1994, the Nation developed to the economic engine of the region. Nevertheless, even the most developed country of the continent suffers from large developmental problems such as poverty, HIV/AIDS, violence and crime. On the other hand, it has a tremendous humanitarian potential and zest for life.

Melting Pot and Tourism Magnet

The ”Rainbow Nation“ is considered to be a melting pot of many cultures and nations embedded in a wonderful landscape and nature. For this reason, South Africa is a favorite vacation destination for people from the entire world. In particular, in summer 2010, the attention of all soccer fans will be on South Africa. â€Champions for South Africa“ enables a unique encounter with the people of South Africa during the year of the Soccer World Cup. The project grants personal glimpses into the life in the streets, the townships and a foreign culture.

Challenges for the Rainbow Nation

For a long time, South Africa suffered from Apartheid – xenophobia can still be felt in many places. . Due to the huge gap between rich and poor, violence and delinquency are a major problem, in particular, in the townships. HIV/Aids spread at a high speed as a result of which many children are left orphans already at an early stage of their life . Many children must survive as “street children”. The unequal relationship between men and women – especially in uneducated social classes – is the cause for the unhindered dissemination of HIV/Aids.

South Africa’s Potentials

How does South Africa face these challenges? What are the potentials the people of this country have? How do worldwide and local projects of development cooperation support the country in this endeavor? How can education overcome poverty? Which action scenarios are possible – especially for the people from the townships? These questions are reflected by the PC adventure game ”Champions for South Africa”!
Difficult and sensitive topics can be experienced when playing the story. Innovative projects and ideas for local projects show that the people in South Africa are capable of meeting the challenges their country is facing. “Champions for South Africa“ addresses the following key topics which are systematically explained in the enclosed teaching handbook.

Key Topics for South Africa

  • Coexistence in society and family life
  • Beauty of the country and cultural riches
  • Handling of traditions and modern life within the society
  • HIV/Aids and other diseases (TB)
  • Importance of the 2010 Soccer World Cup for South Africa
  • Differences between urban and rural areas
  • Gap between rich and poor
  • Street children
  • Apartheid (past) and xenophobia
  • Causes and effects of violence, delinquency and drugs
  • Education and professional training as a chance for a self-determined life to overcome poverty
  • Contents and purpose of projects in development cooperation


The goal of the computer game and the instructional units is to initiate mutual learning processes– what can we in Germany (Spain, Italy, Austria, the Czech Republic and Poland) learn from South Africa regarding our own environment and the creation of a just world?  

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