Champions for South Africa

The computer adventure takes European children and teenagers into the world of the life of peers in South Africa. Two to three learners enter the adventure South Africa as a team on the PC. Optionally as a girl or a boy, they click from one situation to the next. At the end of each sequence, the players are requested to take a decision influencing the further process of the story. "What do you want to do?" - that is the question popping up often. If no decision is taken, there is a standstill. With a decision made, the student enters unpredictable adventures getting acquainted with the South African society at the same time.

Each sequence of the game is illustrated – with an attractive, sometimes animating illustration based on real images, with professional reporter pictures and scene videos.

The game is available in one version for children from 8 - 12 years, and a second version for teenagers from 13 - 18 years. Both versions can be played in German, English, Czech, Polish, Italian and Spanish.

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Here you will find the adventure stories and teaching material.

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