Join the Competition!

The Competition

The adventure game and the enclosed teaching materials have reached their goal if they succeeded in motivating students to act in terms of development policy. With social actions, they can change the life in their own environment or the situation of children and teenagers in South Africa. Our contest „Join the Competition!“ gives students a new impulse to stand up for a just world by implementing own creative ideas.

Four different Directions of your Action

A solidarity action for South African children and teenagers can go into different directions. Therefore, the contest is divided into four categories. In each category, the age groups from 8 through 12 years and from 13 through 18 years are evaluated differently.

1. Learn from one another – Peer Education

Global learning also means learning from the people on the southern hemisphere. The Aids prevention project "Life Choices" in Cape Town presents an exemplary concept how teenagers can learn from one another . This approach is also referred to as „Peer Education“ and implies that people from the same social group and the same age inform and enlighten each other based on a mutual education. Hence, peer education means information from equal to equal. At any school, peer education can be observed, for instance, when students take it upon themselves to mediate between arguing peers, when older students support younger students by sharing knowledge or competences, when teenagers consult peers with drug problems, when teenagers videotape or stage plays to transmit preventive messages.
Have you already gathered experience in the area Peer Education or were you always interested in establishing such a culture of mutual learning at your school in order to change the school atmosphere? The contest ”Champions for South Africa“ gives you and your class or even your entire school a unique chance to win. We are interested in learning about your concepts and actions!

2. New Forms of Actions for Social Behavior - Social Swarming

The application of new, mobile and generally available technologies enables people to act and coordinate together, even within a large group of people. This creates a new type of game including political activism, protest and the manifestation and exertion of social power. Such actions are called "Smart Mobs" or „Social Swarming“. They are mostly organized via mobile forms of communication such as text messages or social networking (Facebook, SchülerVZ etc.), thus, strengthening the human cooperation skills. The children and teenagers decide in which form and to which extent these actions will be used. In this contest category, the decisive factors are the masses which can be moved as well as the creativity and public attention of the action. We are convinced that your students have plenty of experience and rich ideas for „Social Swarming“.

3. Advocacy for Street Children

The center of Cape Town is home to about 2,000 street children (up to 21 years). They all have their own history who - as a result of broken families, violence and abuse - took the conscious decision to live in the streets. Their reintegration into a regular life can only succeed if they actively decide against living in the streets with the support from a competent street children organization. Tourists have also the chance to exert an influence on street children to give up their life in the streets and to get back to school and get an education.
Become an advocate for street children, e.g. by encouraging a travel agency to give tourists a behavior code for their trip (such as a flyer designed by your school class).

4. Other Actions of Solidarity

Doubtless, there are more actions to demonstrate solidarity with children and teenagers in South Africa. This is why we established an "open category“. There are no limits to your imaginativeness and commitment!

Attractive Prizes

Each class or group which submits an entry automatically enters our contest ”Join the Competition!“ and will receive the Certificate “School for South Africa“.
From all contestant entries, the visit of two “Peer Educators“ from the Life Choices Project in Cape Town at your school will be drawn. Besides, ”Champions for South Africa“ shall select a class or group from all contestant entries which will send a delegation to the Inter-European Youth Event in Vienna in July 2010. Together with the delegations from the other participating countries from “Champions for South Africa“, they will celebrate the Soccer World Cup and plan and implement one development action.
“Champions for South Africa“ is still acquiring other attractive sweepstake prizes which will be presented here as soon as possible.

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