Project Description

„Soccer is the language understood by all people“ (E. Galeano)

„Champions for South Africa“ is an educational project for global learning to encourage good citizenship in students from six European countries: Germany, Austria, Spain, Poland, the Czech Republic and Italy. The reason for this project is the Soccer World Cup in South Africa in 2010 – an event not only appealing to children and teenagers in Europe, because the enthusiasm for soccer unites people around the Globe.

Playful Learning

This PC adventure game allows European children and teenagers to gain a playful insight into the life and daily routine of their peers in the most southern country of Africa. This game available for two age groups (8-12 years and 13-18 years) also reflects the facets of a country beyond the focus of western media. Two experienced teachers in the field of digital media and global learning, Margaret Datz and Martin Geisz, created additional detailed teaching material emphasizing the development challenges and potentials of South Africa. Children and teenagers learn about the situation in South Africa in a playful and emotional manner. At the end the game shows precise options to configure our globalized world.

Create Consciousness for the Challenges of "One World"

The objective of this campaign is to create consciousness for the challenges of this world and to motivate others to commit to contribute to a more just world. This is the basis for development actions within your home country with which European children and teenagers get involved to improve the future chances for their peers in South Africa. In such manner, an ideal support is given e.g. to South African alliances for actions.

European Cooperation

The material for this campaign has been generated and implemented with five European Partner Organizations. Students from Germany and five other European countries gather similar experience and work on the same topics. The adventure game and enclosed teaching material shall be disseminated for free among schools and other interested educational institutions starting this coming December.
To order the free material, click on the following link.

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